Structure of the Worlds


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Short Summary

The structure of the worlds is also defined by a hierarchy of higher and lower.

Long Summary

We can say that the comprehension of Beriyah (binah) is like the intellect that relates to the emotions (the subjective value of the idea), mochin d'yenikah, in contrast to the essential intellect itself (which is just the pure unadulterated understanding of the concept), mochin d'gadlus. In divine contemplation this is the comprehension of the divine as it relates to existence and benefits man, as opposed to the divine on its own terms, beyond existence.

Yetzirah is the level of ruach -- emotions. The intellect there is as it governs and controls the emotions. Asiyah is the level of nefesh -- action. The intellect there is functional intelligence -- the lowest level of the mind.


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Structure of the Worlds.






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