Faculties and Desire (2)

Process vs. No Process


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Short Summary

Unlike the internal faculties which manifest each in its respective container, and thus require time, training and conditioning to communicate with each other and to grow, develop and mature, desire does not occupy any container, and thus instantly effects the entire organism, and does not grow over time.

Long Summary

Desire does not occupy any container, meaning that it does not manifest internally in any part of the organism. The proof of this is that the desire's effect is an instant one. As soon as a desire rises to, say, move the arm, the arm moves instantly, without any delay. If the desire was internally manifest in a container, it would inevitably require time to effect the other organs and faculties.

Unlike the internal faculties, which manifest each in its respective container (with the energy committed to and integrated with its container), and thus require time, training and conditioning to communicate with each other and to grow, develop and mature. The immanent faculties have a "relationship" with each other, and thus need to communicate with each other, which is a process that requires applying oneself to time and training. Like a transmitter and a recipient: to transmit knowledge the teacher has to prepare himself to speak to the level of the student, and the student needs to prepare himself to receive from the teacher. So too with the faculties: when a person learns to draw, for example -- the mind needs to train the hands in the proper technique, and the hands needs to be prepared with the right conditioning and habits. A process that takes time.

Similarly, the growth and maturity of the faculties is a process that happens over years. "Days speak, and many years impart wisdom" (Job 32:7).

Desire on the other hand does not undergo any changes and is not subject to any process. Though desires become incidentally more subdued and concealed as the internal faculties mature and take hold, they still remain fundamentally unchanged.


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